In many countries, government are placing policies around traveling, working remotely or even leaving your home. While Wuhan was the first place suffering this new type of restrictions, people around the world are increasingly being temporarily forced to stay at home. Being myself one of the people subject to one of these policies, here is a list of things that you can do to enjoy your coronavirus quarantine (AKA: mandatory staycation):

    • Play Oculus Quest – VR (virtual reality) doesn’t know about physical boundaries, so this can be your perfect tool during a quarantine. Sometimes I start playing Beat Saber and I can’t stop until the headset shuts down because it needs to be recharged.
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      • Talking about board games: Some people won’t be amused with this, but Pandemic Legacy Season 1 and Season 2 are among the best collaborative games out there. You may not be as successful as in real life, but seems a proper entertainment for an outbreak.
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    • If you are a coffee hipster like me, and bringing a barista home is not an option, what about learning how to prepare delicious lattes at home with a proper coffee machine?
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    • If you want to communicate with your family and friends, specially if you are abroad, Portal or any other personal VC device is your best friend. I have been using it for the last year and it shortens the distance between Singapore (where I currently live) and Spain (where my family lives).

    • Maybe it’s time for you to find a pet companion and set a fish tank in your living room – Some people have decided to go even a step further and set up a fishing pool.
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    • Do you have a garden? What about getting a trampoline or an inflatable pool for the family? And remember, it’s always better a trampoline than a catapult:
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    • Are you a runner? One of the main issues with quarantines is that law enforcement agents probably won’t be amused if you decide going out for a run. In order to avoid losing your shape and start training for your next marathon, a home threadmill is always a great idea. It may be though but this inspirational video had me going for years:

    • And if you are not a fan of running, because you find it excruciatingly boring, what about a full body workout in your home gym paradise? Have you tried Nike Training Club Premium? I’ve been recommending Betina Gozo’s training for months, and you don’t even need equipment for most of the stuff!

    • Because access to food may get a bit challenging, what about getting yourself a smart garden? Probably you won’t survive out of it but it will definitely improve your green finger skills!

What are YOUR ideas for a coronavirus quarantine-pocalypse?

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